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Step-by-step Value-Entrepreneurship Course

Be the entrepreneur you know you are!

Be free! Answer to no boss.

Be independent of a boss, a loan, or an investor. We have the answer: You CAN bootstrap your own online business.

Control Life. Don’t let life control you.

The path of least risk, “Following-the-VALUE” is your way there. Owning your small business can let you do ANYTHING you want in life - if done right.

Create Awesome $#!+

You know you can do awesome stuff. You can build amazing products. We know that, too. That’s us, too. Be a Doer with Value Entrepreneurship!

Tried-and-true process. Built on the shoulders of Startup Thought-Leaders.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win by Steve Blank
The Mom Test: How to Talk to Customers and Learn If Your Business is a Good Idea when Everyone is Lying to You by Rob Fitzpatrick
The 4-Hour Workweek book by Tim Ferriss
Tribes book by Seth Godin
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Entrepreneurship Course full of practical skills

A course that gives you SUPERPOWERS!

This course is jam-packed with free/cheap software and tricks to help you find awesome business ideas, test them and grow your business.

Superpower #1

Become a ninja at spotting “marketing gaps”.

Every market has a gap, if you know where to look. That’s how you find the best business ideas!

This course includes a step-by-step checklist to guide you through market research and help you spot marketing opportunities for your own ideas and business.

Value Entrepreneurship. Illustration: How to spot marketing gaps.

Superpower #2

Choose the path of lower-risk by focusing on what’s important!

Make sure customers are willing to buy your product EARLY! Test business ideas cheaply using no-code tools!

Use your test results to attract a co-founder, if you need one. We’ll show you exactly how. Developers want to build products that will have an audience. Prove your product has a market interested in paying you, that usually convinces them to join your awesome business!

What makes a great business idea? Value Entrepreneurship

Superpower #3

Be a Bootstrapper. Build THE MACHINE!

We are value creators. We want to get paid for our innovative hard work!

We bootstrap businesses! We use the income we make to grow and execute the full plan.

We have a strategy: We build minimally with a laser-focus on giving "evergreen" value. This way, every hour of work put in now saves time for years to come!

We keep automating tasks until we end up with THE MACHINE!

The bootstrapped business machine you build by follow the value (Value Entrepreneurship)

Meet the team – the first ValueHeads

Collaboration = AWESOMENESS!

Collaboration is how this course is being built. Mentors and mentees evolving this method over years. Join us and let's create the GREATEST entrepreneurship course, together!

Hey! 👋
I'm Amer. Founder of ValueHeads.

I'm an entrepreneur and software engineer, building businesses for the last 12+ years.

More than 2 million users used to grow their Twitter audiences. That's my business since 2009.

I've been coaching "Value Entrepreneurship" and developing this course with 5 amazing mentees for the past few years, and the outcomes have been incredible! All have made money or have a tested idea that will soon make them money.

This course's techniques are far too powerful to be limited to the realm of one-on-one mentorship. That's why it's free and open, in a way that can help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs rather than just the few I can personally mentor.

The 10 Week Ultimate Entrepreneurship Course

10 Steps to start your online business… by Following the Value!

These are ACTIONABLE steps to starting any business, with or without an idea to start. The process is designed to lower your risk at each step.

Entrepreneurship Course in Following the Value. This is the equation summary.
Want to see our full course plan?
Check out the mega course mind map and this Google Doc of the chapters and sections.

This is not just a course, this is a movement. We are open-sourcing Entrepreneurship!

VALUE Entrepreneurship – Not aimless passions!

“Following the VALUE” is YOUR path to independence from the 9-5

Value is what guides us ValueHeads. We keep trying to "give value" until customers pay us. From there we grow. If you iterate quickly through this loop, you are guaranteed to make money!

The Value Entrepreneurship Journey Infographic - ValueHeads.

The Values of ValueHeads — Our guiding principles

We believe that anyone (from anywhere) on this planet is able to create VALUE and move UPWARDS! All you need is to have an appetite for learning and access to the internet. ValueHeads is our initiative for Global Upward Social Mobility.

Open Source & Free - ALWAYS!

An always up-to-date Entrepreneurship Course can be a challenge. That's why open-sourcing this course is the only way we can keep it current with the contributions of our ValueHeads learners and community. ValueHeads needs you!

No Reinventing the Wheel

If there is already a great video, article or podcast, we are using it in the course. We are not going to try to recreate all the know-how around entrepreneurship. We’re going to leverage existing content by awesome creators from around the internet.

ValueHeads is Not-for-profit

We do not sell you anything! We find value in the community of entrepreneurs itself. We as a collective are VALUABLE AS F#@%!

Supportive Community

A space we can discuss ideas and learn, with no judgement. Like-minded individuals collaborating. That’s how the best ideas are born!

Take charge of your life

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